Air Sanitising Service – Car Cabin


Air Sanitising Service – Car Cabin




Anti-Bacterial, Anti-Viruses, Anti-Fungal, Anti-Chemical

One of the most powerful, safest and effective method to quickly sterilise the car cabin environment through the use of ozone that kills odour-causing and diseases-causing bacteria and viruses in the car.

A compact ozone generator will be placed inside your car. With the air-condition running, ozone generated is circulated repeatedly throughout the cabin, air-con filters and air-con return/supply grills thereby sanitising odour stains in its path.

Drive your car to the parking lot in-front of our shop and all it takes is 20-30 minutes of treatment and you can drive off with a freshly sterilized and healthier interior car environment.

Note: This is a bio-treatment that targets airborne odour and germs. You still need to perform your usual surface cleaning/vacuuming to remove dust, soil or any other particulates in the car that will also contribute to the odour problem.


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