VOC Abatement System

Almost all front end semiconductor manufacturing fabs use large quantities of solvents like the Alcohols (e.g. IPA), Ketones (e.g. acetones, MBK), Esthers (e.g. ethyl acetates), Ethers (e.g. PGMEA), Hydrocarbons (e.g. Toulene), Aldehydes etc in their manufacturing processes and these are being exhausted out directly into the atmosphere.

Most of these solvents are extremely pungent and causes immense odour pollution in the environment.  Some of these solvents/VOCs are known to be carcinogenic to humans and poses health hazards to people who has long term exposure to such pollutants (e.g. higher potential of cummulative exposure for residents living near these sources of VOC emission).

Our central VOC abatement system (zeolite rotor concentrator and thermal combustion method) is specially designed to effectively remove >95% of total VOC before it is discharged to the external atmosphere by these factories.


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