Atomic Molecular Contamination (Chemical) Filters: Cleanroom MAUs, FFUs, Mini-Environments

Target Contaminants:

1 – Molecular Acid (MA): SOx, HCl, Cl2, H2S, NOx etc

2 – Molecular Bases (MB): NH3, Amines, NMP etc

3 – Ozone: O3

4 – Aromatic Hydrocarbon: Toulene, Xylene etc

5 – Condensable Organics: MW.120, BP 150oC Organic Material, DBP, DOP

6 – Molecular Dopant: Boron, Phosphate, Arsenic & Sb as compounds etc 

Filter Lifetime – 16-24 Months

Performance Tested and Verified by ITRI (Industrial Technology Research Institute, Taiwan)

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