I was rather skeptical at first but now I’m fully convinced about A-GUARD® Fabric Hygiene™’s performance. After 4 full days of sweating it out in a field camp, my uniform did not smell at all. I could even attend a seminar in an air-conditioned auditorium without emitting any embarrassing odours!
A-GUARD® Fabric Hygiene™ reduces the laundry load that my mother has to deal with per week. Instead of the usual five sets of uniform, she now only needs to wash two, since the treatment prevented nasty smells and made my skin feel fresh even after wearing the same uniform for days.
3SG H.L Wong
My son would usually pack his smelly uniforms in ziploc bags and bring them home for me to wash. When I opened one of the bags, I asked him whether he had misplaced a clean set of uniform because it had no smell at all. He told me that he had worn it for 3 days and it had been treated with A-GUARD® Fabric Hygiene™.
Madam Lim
Everyone usually ends up with horrible body odours and uniforms drenched with perspiration after an 8-hour road march, but all I had was a sweat-soaked uniform with absolutely no stink. Even my buddy noticed it. There is really a difference with A-GUARD® Fabric Hygiene™-treated uniforms.
REC B.H Phua
I have athlete’s foot and would wear socks out with the pungent smell my feet emits. After wearing a pair of thick socks that was treated with Fabric Hygiene™, I was amazed and relieved to find that the socks did not stink. Furthermore, I could simply wash the socks without detergent. I could have avoided developing athlete’s foot if I have found A-GUARD® Fabric Hygiene™ earlier.
Kent Lee
After a long and tough overnight mission, I noticed that despite perspiring a lot as usual, my skin did not even itch or develop rashes as it would normally do. This is truly the most significant improvement I have seen ever since I started using A-GUARD® Fabric Hygiene™ on my clothes!
I always have to soak my husband’s uniform before placing it in the washing machine because of the overwhelming odour it had, but with A-GUARD® Fabric Hygiene™, I can now wash it with other clothes straightaway. A-GUARD® Fabric Hygiene™ helps me save time, water and detergent for the soaking.
Alice Lee