How does it work

Superior Technology Performance

Here at Fabric Hygiene™, a special multi-staged process is used to chemically bond the fabrics with a patented antimicrobial technology that is registered with US EPA and compliant with numerous internationally recognised safety standards and governmental regulatory agencies.

The 3 stage process in simple terms are 1) Stripping, 2) Bonding, 3) Drying. The performance and durability of the treatment process depend a lot on the surface preparation prior to the treatment of the fabric. For example whether the fabric is cleared of particles, soil, impurities etc. By adjusting the heat, concentration and duration of the treatment bath, the active antimicrobe coating is strongly bonded onto the fabric fibre (see left)

The unique non-leaching feature of the Silane Quaternary Ammonium Salt used in Fabric Hygiene™ treatment allows the treated fabric to become a highly active anti-microbe layer. This layer physically kills bacteria cells by puncturing and electrocuting the membranes, causing their instant death (like the effect of a pin bursting a balloon). Furthermore, the antimicrobe layer has a positive charge while the bacteria cells carry a negative charge.  The opposite attraction forces further “pulls” the bacteria cells of close proximity towards the treated surface for the ultimate cell destruction.  Throughout the killing process, the antimicrobial layer is not depleted and will be ready for the next kill.

(+ve charged 3-Trimethoxy silyl propyl dimethyl octadecyl ammonium chloride – “sword” to puncture and electrocute bacteria cells)


Unlike other antimicrobial technologies, no chemical is released from the treated fabric to poison the bacteria cells, thus leaving no room for bacteria to mutate or to develop anti-biotic resistance to become superbugs.

This technology has been used in hospitals for over 30 years and has been proven safe and effective to inhibit bacterial and fungal growth on fabrics such as operating theatre gowns and even on wound care.

Fabric Hygiene™ antimicrobial technology will not leach out any chemicals or nano-particles onto the skin. Till now, there have been no controversies in the use of this technology, unlike Silver or Triclosan, for example. No other antimicrobial technology is capable of this uniquely safe and non-leaching feature.

Technology that has been Tested and Proven over the Years

  • Active odour control and elimination
  • Softens fabrics and makes them comfortable to wear
  • Kills antibiotic-resistant bacteria and does not promote superbugs
  • Safe and proven technology commercially used for more than 30 years
  • Efficacy of 70 to 99.99% bacteria elimination even after 30 laundry washes
  • Extensively used in a clinically proven product for patients with atopic dermatitis, ezcema etc

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