Fabric Hygiene - How can you Benefit

The same antimicrobial technology used by Fabric Hygiene™ has been harnessed for years by many reputable consumer brands’ manufacturers to enhance their product protection against germs.

Today, A-GUARD® is the first in Singapore to bring this antimicrobial technology directly to consumers who seek round-the-clock quality protection and desire a high standard of personal hygiene.

Everyone desires to live and work in a safe, clean, healthy and hygienic community. However, it only takes one individual to infect the whole community with germs. Thus it is everyone’s responsibility to be on guard and maintain one’s personal hygiene at all times.

Fabric Hygiene™ lets you make this difference in your personal hygiene both as a responsible individual and as a member of the community. Make the first step and inspire others to join in the effort to build a strong and united barrier against the infection of diseases.

Fabric Hygiene™ increases WORK PRODUCTIVITY by raising the hygiene standards at your work environment and protecting your greatest assets – YOUR EMPLOYEES. Indoor fabrics and uniforms can be fortified with Fabric Hygiene™ to cut the risk of cross infection diseases and improve the general well-being of everyone in the work cluster.  Fabric Hygiene™ is ideal for uniformed personnel in these working environment:

– Military
– Schools
– Engineering
– Law Enforcement
– Shipyards
– Hospitals & Nursing Homes
– Food Production
– Disaster Relief Agencies
– Construction
– Airlines
– Hotels

Give your loved ones the Best Protection! Fabric Hygiene™ antimicrobial technology has a long history of preventing bacterial and fungal infection. It also helps extend the fabric life and softens your fabrics, including bed linens, sofa covers, carpets and curtains. As it does not cause any skin allergy (Hypoallergenic), Fabric Hygiene™ treatment is very suitable on fabrics for babies , elderly and as well as those with dermatological conditions.

Fabric Hygiene™ can be applied to shoe linings, socks, body towels, intimate wear and sports gear to wipe out odour-causing bacteria. It greatly improves your personal hygiene and confidence by keeping you fresh even without the use of deodorants, while continually protecting your health against infectious threats by harmful microorganisms.

For more information on the product, please contact us at info@a-guard.com.sg