Some conventional products are designed to dissipate from the treated surface and kill by way of poisoning the organism. Others may require the presence of light energy, so as to be activated, before it can create an indirect chemical reaction to kill the organism. Unlike other products, A-GUARD® Fabric Hygiene™ antimicrobial technology is self-activated immediately upon bonding onto the fabric surface. Bacteria in contact with it are killed instantly.  It is a durable finish that does not leach, forming an integral part of the surface and so provides continuous long-term control of microbial growth on the treated surface.

Extensive laboratory testing performed over more than 30 years shows consistent effectiveness against a wide spectrum of GRAM (-) and GRAM (+) bacteria, fungi and algae.  Many of these organisms are responsible for an array of infectious and life-threatening disease in our daily lives.

No. Possibility of bacteria resistance is virtually zero due to physical rupture of cell membrane unlike other methods that uses chemical toxins to kill the bacteria (such as triclosan or silver based antimicrobial technology).

Yes, tests have shown that this technology can achieve 70-99% bacterial reduction through more than 30 laundering at 60 degrees.  This means that hot water laundering does not affect the performance of the treated fabric.  However, do note that A-GUARD® Fabric Hygiene™ technology does have a “softener” effect on the fabric. In addition, any extra softener applied will block the protective layer and inhibit the bacterial killing performance.  Therefore, it is advisable to enjoy the savings of not using extra softener on the treated fabrics and reap the optimal performance of A-GUARD® Fabric Hygiene™ technology.

As mentioned, extra softener will a layer on top of the protective layer and inhibit the performance of bactericidal activity.  However, as these softeners do not form a durable finish, they can be typically washed off in another laundering cycle at 40 degrees and above. This will then restore the performance of A-GUARD® Fabric Hygiene™ protection on the treated fabric.

Since the cured antimicrobial is nonvolatile, insoluble, non-depleted and non-leaching, the treatment should last for the life of the treated surface.  However, the life of a treated surface depends on a number of factors, not the least of which is surface preparation and extent of surface wear and tear. So for fabric, depending on its quality, when tiny bits of the treated fabric fibers fall off, the protection on them also drops. Over time, due to this loss of fibers from wear and tear, a repair treatment of A-GUARD® Fabric Hygiene™ is recommended to recharge the killing power of the fabric on microbes.

Yes, it is possible for short term quick and easy application use on small items such as intimate undergarments, socks, towels etc.  DIY effects usually last for about 5 launderings or so before topping up is required.  However, if you desire a longer lasting effect, it would be more cost effective for you to let us perform the treatment because in our factory, we have the necessary equipment and special process recipe to control the surface preparation and achieve the lasting fabric chemistry bonding of the antimicrobial solution.

No, since the antimicrobial is permanently bounded to the surface it protects, it does not leach from the fabric onto the skin or into the environment as do many other anti-microbial products on the market.  Furthermore, extensive toxicological testing shows that A-GUARD® Fabric Hygiene™ technology antimicrobial does not cross the skin barrier or cause skin irritation/ sensitivity. In addition, it is biodegradable and is an environmental-friendly product.

Some of our field tests involved military personnel training in jungles and outdoors.  It usually takes less than a day for their uniform to reek of body odour but the A-GUARD® Fabric Hygiene™-treated uniforms stayed amazing odour- free without any use of perfumes or deodorants for a stretch of up to 5 days of continuous wear. This is one tangible feedback we received.  By killing odour- causing bacteria, A-GUARD® Fabric Hygiene™ keeps one fresh through day and night.

Fabric Hygiene

Unless specially treated, no clothes can kill germs! We can change the way you live by putting this uniquely durable layer of antimicrobe shield onto your fabrics to keep you protected from harmful microorganisms thru days and nights!
A-GUARD® Fabric Hygiene™ renders you unparalleled hygiene standards because your personal hygiene protection is our highest priority.