About Us

Since 2010, our company has been providing a holistic solution in creating a safer, cleaner, healthier and more hygienic environment for our clients to live and work in. With the emergence of new strains of diseases, pollutants and even drug resistant superbugs in our environment, it is imperative that every individual and organization adopt a civic minded role to maintain a high standard of personal and community hygiene. It only takes one individual to spread and infect a whole community, a society and a small nation like ours.

Thus at A-Guard Environmental Hygiene Pte Ltd, we position ourselves to constantly evaluate, develop and harness on the most effective and advanced commercial technologies to help individuals make their first step to improve their personal hygiene. Our systematic approach to environmental hygiene issues can be classified under our 3 pillars of hygiene namely the Fabric Hygiene™ (what we wear), Airborne Hygiene™ (what we breathe) and Surface Hygiene™ (what we touch).

To harness the capabilities of safe and eco-friendly technologies to create a green,sustainable and hygienic living environment

To be the Hallmark of Personal and Environmental Hygiene

Our core values are synonymous with what our name suggests:

A – Staying Ahead of the Pack

G – Guaranteeing Performance

U – Understanding Customers’ Needs

A – Adaptation to the Changing Environment

R – Reliability and Quality in Our Products & Services

D – Duty of Care to Customers

A-GUARD, your personal protection. We strive to be your personal guard against all harmful environmental contaminants.