Our Solutions

A-GUARD is the epitome of personal hygiene protection. We guarantee that our products & services will create a cleaner, safer & healthier environment to work and live in. 

Adopting a holistic approach, from the air we breathe (air cleaners that eliminate airborne diseases), the surfaces we touch (disinfection services and surface coatings for anti-microbial growth), to even the clothes we wear (transforming ordinary fabric into clothes that actively kill germs on our skin & neutralises body odour) . 

Safeguard your Personal and Environmental Hygiene with A-GUARD Today!

Control Against Airborne Contamination

Particulate: PM10, PM2.5, Smoke, Dusts etc
Biological: Bacteria, Viruses (such as HFMD, SARS, H1N1, MRSA), Mould, Yeast, Pollen etc
Chemical: Formaldehyde, Benzene, VOC, Hydrogen Sulphide, Ammonia etc.

For Fresher & Healthier Air!
  • Electrostatic Air Cleaners 
  • Ozonated Air Sterilizers 
Control Against Surface Contamination
Clean your Touch, Stop the Spread!
  • Germs Killing Disinfectants
  • Hand Rub Sanitizers
  • Anti-Microbial Surface Coating
  • Self-Cleaning Photo-catalyst Coating (Nano TiO2)
Control Against Fabric Contamination
Build up Your Personal Defense Against Germs!
  • DIY Anti-Bacterial Fabric Treatment 
  • Fabric Protection Service